FAQ - For Return to Play

Covid19 playing Guidelines - Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t we decide to rotate between courts once we are already there?

Actually you can. As long it is to a lower risk style of play. ie: Two members of a pickleball bubble could be "trusted partners" and play against other trusted partner teams. Bubble members or a trusted partner member can play against a singles\drill member.

Why can’t we book 5 or 6 people for one court and have 1 or 2 on a bye?

Yes, you can. That is the idea of forming a Pickleball Bubble group.

Do I have to wait in the practice court area until the stated maximum of 10 minutes before my court time if I arrive early and see that my court is empty?

No, if you are a couple of minutes early arriving then going out to your empty court a little sooner reduces the congestion potential in the arrival area. Please do not warm up with anyone other than your scheduled group though as this would frustrate our tracing capability. Please ask the court monitor to open the gate.

Do I have to wear a glove?

Yes, please wear a glove on your non-paddle hand as we are sharing balls between players on your court. For some, a glove may also reduce the tendency to touch their face which is how the virus can enter your body.

Do I always have to play with the same partner?

You and your partner will be within 6 feet of each other more often than with the players on the other side of the net. That being said, being aware of the social distancing goal especially for prolonged periods and acting accordingly greatly reduces the concern. If you are comfortable that your playing group is acting appropriately, it is acceptable to rotate partners within your group (Bubble). This should be a group consensus decision – if any member is not comfortable changing partners, please respect that person and do not change partners. Everyone has different circumstances, physical concerns and risk tolerances that we need to be mindful of.

Our Group is comfortable with the risk associated with not following some of the guidelines, why can’t we forego the ones my group does not see the need for?

We have been granted the privilege of playing Pickleball by indicating our willingness to adapt the game to reflect the global pandemic concern. A blatant disregard by some to follow the guidelines risks a possible shut down of our facility for all. Please consider the possible impact of your decisions on others.