Returning to Play at Bourkevale Courts

Return to play:

Club play will begin June 10th. Unfortunately, the opening will be in a more reduced capacity than we would have liked, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All club activities at Bourkevale CC will be following Manitoba Government, City of Winnipeg and Pickleball Manitoba guidelines with regard to group sizing, social distancing, signage and sanitization.

Our Playing Guidelines are as follows: Please take the time to read!

The provincial government’s Restoring Safe Services Together plan has introduced the second phase of Manitoba’s Pandemic and Economic Roadmap for Recovery. In this phase, more outdoor recreation activities are allowed. In accordance with the provided guidelines, Winnipeg West Pickleball has opened our club courts at Bourkevale CC. While these guidelines may see overly strict, we want to start off cautiously and not be shutdown in our first week.

You must not play if you:

    • Have returned from outside the province within 14 days.

    • Are under direction to self-monitor or self-isolate.

    • Are experiencing any cold, flu symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, weakness, headache etc.).

  1. Only registered Members of WWPB will be eligible to play. No drop-in play can be allowed until further notice. If you know of people that wish to play and are not a member of WWPB, have them visit our site and join, so they can come out, play and access our on-line court reservation system. ( PMI / PCO membership also required .

  2. Every Member must pre-book for daily play online only using “Hold My Court”. NO Exceptions! This includes all trusted partners and bubble members. This player data is required for contact tracing and must be maintained at least a month per Manitoba Health guidelines.

  3. Currently we allow up to 40 people maximum including staff on the courts and surrounding area, per time slot. No large group gatherings. Not following government guidelines will also invalidate our PCO Insurance coverage for the City of Winnipeg.

  4. Booking Courts to match your personal risk and comfort level:

a) Play with a family member or a trusted partner **, keep this partner for 14 days.

b) Play in a “Pickleball Bubble” of up to 6 players (think of a golf foursome), if you are OK with occasional unintentional contact with others. You must make every attempt to follow the 2-meter distancing rule when playing and NOT change bubble members for 14 days. Any two members of this bubble can play as trusted partners.

c) All players must have signed up for your time slot to be allowed in rink.

d) We will NOT allow reverting to the pre Covid-19 “free for all style” of doubles play at this time ie: no queuing of players waiting to play, other than your bubble. However, one bubbles members can play against another bubbles members.

5. We encourage you to add your name to “Partner Search” in “Hold My Court” and find a “trusted” partner or a “bubble” group if you do not currently have people to play with.

6. Proper social distancing rules must also be followed at all times when moving on to, off of and beside the courts.

7. Play time is limited to 90 minutes, with a buffer time between play sessions. Players are asked to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their court time and to leave the courts immediately after their play. There is no congregating allowed in the rink or surrounding areas.

8. Follow staff direction and signs. WWPB will have a court monitor on site for each play session. Player names will be verified with the online sign in.

9. Public use items will be closed at this time; Washrooms are now available on request.

10. Bring your own hand sanitizer and wipes. These are currently very difficult to source and have the club supply them. If we can provide, we will do so.

11. Each player must wear a glove (nitrile, golf, garden) on their non paddle hand to handle balls.

12. Sanitized balls will be provided for each court. When leaving the court drop the ball into the sanitizing bucket and sanitize or remove your glove then re- sanitize your hands and equipment.

13. No running on other courts to retrieve balls. Ask for them to be returned to you.

14. If you help with setting up or take down of nets, be sure to sanitize your hands.

15. Although not mandatory, you could consider wearing a mask. Especially on the non-partner courts. Remember we are mostly all over 65 years old.

On behalf of the Board members of WWPB, thank you for your understanding and support as we all try to navigate our way during this unprecedented global health crisis. Please take care of yourself, be kind to others and stay safe.

** Trusted partner- A person that you know has been adhering to public safety guidelines, practices social distancing and has remained mostly within their own small family circle or “bubble”. Could also be two members of a “pickleball bubble”. You should retain this partner for at least 14 days!

WWPB Directors

Signup here for play Hold My Court Link is also available on our WWPB web site under “Club Play”