Membership Benefits

The affiliation of Provincial Pickleball Organizations like Pickleball Manitoba Inc. with Pickleball Canada would make members of one organization members of both, giving Pickleball Canada greater numbers across Canada as part of their application to have Pickleball a recognized sport in Canada by 2020.

  • Membership with Winnipeg West Pickleball Includes:
  • Membership with Pickleball Canada.
  • Membership with Pickleball Manitoba.
  • Voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.
  • Invitations to tournaments and social events.
  • Organization of Summer play.
  • Organization of Indoor play for winter months.
  • Confirm that the WWPB has strong support to advocate for enhanced and expanded pickleball play locations.
  • Provide the WWPB the credibility it needs to go forward in applying for grants and other funding opportunities.
  • Enable the Club to provide clinics and workshops aimed at improving the skills of members at all levels.

Annual membership fees are used to:

  • purchase player membership with Pickleball Canada
  • purchase player membership with Pickleball Manitoba
  • purchase new nets, balls, and other equipment.
  • cover administration costs.
  • cover costs of maintaining our web site.

Pickleball Canada Member Benefits:

  • Membership card/number and newsletter from Pickleball Canada.
  • Provide club members with a $10,000 medical expense reimbursement policy referred to as a Participant Sport Accident Insurance policy through Pickleball Canada at all scheduled play times. More Information here.
  • The club membership fee for Aug. 1st, 2020 until July 31, 2021 may be handled by Pickleball Canada. Including renewal notices and billing .